Emerge (Evolve Series)

Book about:
A Coming of Age/NA romance with sexual content, meant for mature audiences
Emerge is Laney Walker’s story; an 18 yr old quick witted, athletic, southern girl who lets few get too close and uses her sarcastic zingers to deflect most situations. This is her coming of age journey…starting at a new college, with a new softball team and a quirky roommate, all while living in a co-ed dorm.
One night.
Dane Kendrick.
It changed all which she thought she knew and awoke something, someone, within her that she didn’t know existed.
A tale of friendship, loyalty, first love, primal love and…life.
I just had got finished reading this book and I have to say I wish that book two was out already. I had to say that this has been one of the best reads that I have had read in a while. I did find myself upset at Laney. I think that part that had upset me the most that she started to play with two guys heart. But Evan you never ones showed Laney that you didn’t love her. But the person who thought was Laney’s best friend did not help at all. I think she had a big part of it when she sent that picture. Dane what there for her at the school and you where hours away. I think Laney should have waited to pick who she wanted to be with. I will be waiting to read the second book to see what happens.


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