My body trilogy review

My Body-His (My Body Trilogy #1)

This book was another great fast read for me. I can’t wait to start the second book.
I will tell you how I felt about Luke and Jane. Jane I felt had trust issues. I know she had a hard time when her dad left to trust what other people. I thinks she should have stop to really think how she felt time to time and why she was crying over Luke. Did she really want to live her life with all what someone else wants rather he own happiness. Luke was the one who I found myself getting upset with. I find his way of showing someone who they love in a strange way. He only happy when she is the receiving end. But when she ask things she gets in trouble because he wont talk with her. I think he needs to meet her half way and ask her how see if rather then tell her to shut up or get out.

I recommend this book to all my friends who I know that enjoyed the fifty shade of grey book. I find the story line has some similarly to it. As far as the men goes.

My Body-His (Marcello) (My Body Trilogy, #2)

This book was more tense the first book. I also did find myself upset with Luke and Jane in here more. I could believe how far he took it and could not understand why she used the safe word. He should have been more understanding since he did not know even what happened. Jane you should not give up fighting if that is who you want to be with. I figured you would have gone after him when you saw him at the beach. I will be starting book three I hope my thought are going to happen. But I really don’t think it will turn out the way I hope

My Body-Mine (My Body Trilogy, #3)

I just finished reading this book. I have to say that this book had me thinking twice about Jane. She had so many choices to make thru out the book. I think at some point she had made the right choice by leaving her old life. I was so surprised that she actually let Luke go. She actually still loves him. I’m glad that Parker introduced her to Chase. She will e she get the life she always wanted and still have that dom/sub life style. I wonder if Marcello had really fell in love with her to ask her for her hand in marriage like Janice thought he was. That will stay a mystery


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