His Angle

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******************************************Synopsis: His Angle by Kimberly Blalock

When Evan Young walks into Abigale Hayes’s life she falls; mind, body, and soul for the man she thinks he is, having no idea that the secrets he holds in his hands will destroy the girl she is. Abby must decide how the truth will affect the relationship that has her craving more with every breath she takes and how she will take revenge into her own hands. Evan will die to protect Abby and will kill for her too. The events that unfold will change who Abigale Hayes is forever. ************************************************* Book Exert:

As I stand up from my seat at the bar my heart runs to the edge of a one thousand-foot drop and free falls into oblivion with no warning. I blink, knowing I have to be imagining it. From behind Dom, in slow motion, emerges another man. He’s exotic, tall, at least six and a half feet, lean, and muscular. Dark, unforgiving tousled hair hangs just above his eyes. As my eyes travel to his face I see bright blue eyes. A beautiful white smile with dimples on either side of his cheeks making their existence known. He has the perfect amount of dark stubble on his tan face. Damn! His white V-neck t-shirt appears to be a few sizes too small and I say that because of the fabulously hard muscles pulsing out of control, and dark-wash jeans, you know the kind that show every curve of a man’s round bottom and thick muscular thighs. My skin is scorching, tiny little prickles all over threaten to put me on my ass for this gorgeous man. I fidget with my hands, holding them tight to my sides as I attempt to keep myself balanced or at least keep me from going over cliff Evan. I breathe, not realizing I haven’t since he walked through the door. I think I see his mouth curve into a smile. Does he know what he’s doing to me? Shit! Amy walks over to me wearing the tight white dress that she earlier said Dom deserved to see her in. She knows what she has to offer and she isn’t afraid to tell you about it either. I have always admired her for that. “Um, he’s hot right?” she whispers. “He’s ok,” I shrug, biting my bottom lip, my eyes never leaving his. “Evan Young, this is my best friend in the entire world Abigale Hayes. She’s in medical school, and very smart.” She winks. “It’s…very nice to meet you Abigale.” The way he says “very” has my knees buckling. Oh, I’m in big trouble. “Yeah you too, but please call me Abby.” My face heats. Holy hotness! I am NOT getting caught up in this because I know exactly where this leads, and if given the chance it’s exactly where it’s going. Oh yeah, to my bed all night long. I really need to be slapped out of my sex god coma.

Author links:

Website: http://www.kimberlyblalock.com

Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/KimblalockAngel

Goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/kimblalockAngel

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/author/kimberlyblalock

Twitter: @kimblalockAngel

Author email: kblalock87@icloud.com


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